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Item No. 173PR-60P

- The exterior has a unique magnetic surface. It
   includes 27mm wide stainless steel press strips to
   fix the paper.

- Cable type parallel ruler with plastic grip.

- Lightweight, at only 3kg.

- Includes a carry bag for storage and


Functions and Details


The horizontal graduation marks are printed on the left side of the board.


A built-in brake and adjustable angle system.

The blade is graduated in millimeter marks.

A soft blade with no gaps between the board and the blade.

There are no cables on the upper side of the drawing board surface, which provides uninterrupted triangle vertical line drawing.

A carry handle, located on the upper back of the board, provides a 10-degree angle.

A ratchet rubber pad, located on the lower back of the board, provides 3 different angles (8°, 10° and 12°), to allow for better comfort and posture.




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