153PR  Professional Drafting Table  (With R5 Stand)

【Aluminum Grip】

1. Stainless steel, 7 strand-7 ply cable for extra durability and accuracy.

2. Patented cable bracket system, no cable mars on upper side of drawing board, provides un-interrupted triangle vertical line drawing

3. Marked scales (mm) are printed on straightedge with special ink which prevents the scales to be wipe off from alcohol solvent.

4. Aluminum grip

5. High quality precision made Japanese bearing, encased in durable, noise suppressive nylon housing, combine to maintain constant accuracy throughout ruler movement.

6. Built in brake system with strong handle made by polycarbonate and fiber, greatly increase it's durability.

【Magnetic Board】

1. 18mm thick, water and moisture proof

2. Vertical mark scale (mm)  printed on left side of the board

3. 1m/m thick hard plastic seal on all 4 sides

4. Magnetic board include stainless steel press strips (27m/m wide) to prevent damage during paper remove

5. Pencil tray and Nylon bag are included

【R5 Stand】

1. Ratchet design provides different drawing angle to match your desire drawing position, no screw is require during the process
2. Ratchet stand is made of plastic (ABS), prevent it from rusting and cracking
3. Powder coating and reinforces structure design, provide a strong, rust free ratchet stand.

4. 3 pre-set height adjustable from 760-910mm

Item No.

Ruler size

Board size

Stainless steel press strips





6PCS (30CM*2、50CM*2、80CM*2)

Pencil tray

153PR-90WP+R5 900MM

Can cover full size A1 paper
6PCS (30CM*2、50CM*2、80CM*2)


1050MM 750X1050MM 8PCS (30CM*2、50CM*2、80CM*4)




10PCS (30CM*3、50CM*3、80CM*4)


Product Detail

Built in brake and adjustable angle system

Soft straightedge, no gap between board

No cable mars on upper side of drawing board, provides un-interrupted triangle vertical line drawing

7 sets of ratchet design provides different drawing angle : 0~45 degree


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